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      m-flo inside -WORKS BEST V-

      RZCD-59331 ¥3,086(税込)

      MAR. 27th 2013 RELEASE

      Disc 1 -WORKS BEST ALBUM-

      2. ハイビスカス
      3. Endless Love
      4. BEAT SURF feat. PES, VERBAL
      5. Memories Again
      6. Change My Mind feat.VERBAL
      7. Touch The Sky feat. VERBAL
      8. YES
      9. WAO feat.VERBAL
      10. 20112012 feat. VERBAL
      11. 恋ロマンティック!!
      12. サンタさん -DJ Taku's Christmas A-men Breaks-
      13. Fly Away(Taku & TeddyLoid For the Club Edit)
      14. Incoming...(Taku Remix)
      15. SCREAM(m-flo Remix)

      Disc 2 -SQUARE ONE Remixes-

      1. SQUARE ONE Remixes -Mix Mixed by Tachytelic
      2. All I Want Is You(Ken Oshima Remix)
      3. Perfect Place(Booty Bronx Remix)
      4. So Mama I'd Love To Catch Up, OK?(Norihito Ogawa Remix)
      5. RUN(KNOXX Remix)
      6. All I Want Is You(TT & NAVE Remix)
      7. Never Needed You(Kentaro Takizawa Remix)
      8. All I Want Is You(KAN TAKAHIRO Remix)
      9. She's So(Outta Control)(Boys Get Hurt 'Always Summer' Remix)