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      ■ m-flo / never (Movie “Last Winter, Kimi and Farewell” Special Edit)

      ■m-flo / No Question (EDIT Ver)

      “No Question” included in the new single “the tripod e.p.2” released on March 7th is accented by m-flo's true dance tune, VERBAL's high-speed RAP.

      Lyrics are the desire to convey a willingness to make a new departure by slashing all the twists and turns after vocal LISA left m-flo, and a relationship that does not change over time Clogged as a message.

      The MV for “No Question”, the noteworthy scene is the Varial LISA.

      The story of @MV is also linked to the relationship between the three members so far and the future.

      It is a scene that expresses the appearance of LISA that shakes away all the complicated thoughts so far, and cuts out everything so far by comparing “re-start” to female hair.

      LISA's idea was to cut hair with hair clippers.

      I felt a strong determination to m-flo and an impact scene that meant starting from here.

      MV includes flashbacks of past 3 songs such as “come again” and “How You Like Me Now?” , You can get a glimpse of the relationship between the three.

      Describes the thoughts contained in the lyrics, and the story is like the history of m-flo condensed through one song.

      the tripod e.p.2 - Intergalactic Edition -

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      MAR. 05th 2018 RELEASE

       DOWNLOADthe tripod e.p.2 - Intergalactic Edition -0 ¥(Tax included)配信限定シングルMAR. 05th 2018 RELEASEiTunesでは、2/26~3/4の7日間、スペシャルプライスとして¥450(税込み)でのプレオーダー(=ダウンロード予約注文)を受付け中!!プレオーダー頂くと、収録曲「never」がダウンロード頂けます!

      * Only "never" can be purchased.

      🔻『the tripod e.p.2 - Intergalactic Edition - 』Pre Order on iTunes!

      ★Pre Order on iTunes!

      Picked up 4 songs from the new single “the tripod e.p.2”.

      『the tripod e.p.2 - Intergalactic Edition - 』

      [Price] 2/26~3/4:¥450(tax in) / 3/5~:¥900(tax in)

      1. No Question [YouTube]
      2. never [YouTube]
      4. prism (Canblaster Synth Harp Remix)